Want to know how PTAC can help you sell to the government?

The  federal government purchases an average of $500 billion in products and services every year! The government market provides opportunities for businesses to increase revenues, lessen seasonal fluctuations, diversify revenue streams and enhance their credibility. 


Cut through the red tape!

Many businesses are overwhelmed by the complexity and size of the government market, and are hesitant to become government contractors. Impact PTAC is designed to help businesses focus on the most appropriate sectors of the government market and to facilitate successful relationships between businesses and government agencies.

How to qualify for PTAC services:

  • Have a desire to sell to the federal, state or local government
  • Have e-mail capability and internet access
  • Complete a client application
  • Report all government contract awards quarterly
  • Complete our annual client survey


For additional information, contact Impact PTAC at ptac@impactfdn.org or at 701.356.2664